Recharge Your Nol Card Online with Easy Steps


Recharge Your Nol Card Online with Easy Steps

It wasn’t too long ago when the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) added a Nol card top up facility to their list of electronic services, making life much easier for commuters by providing mobile payment options for basic services. Also underway are number plate’s auction and mobile fine payment options, which are geared up to be added to their online services. When Nol card recharge online services went live, may service providers joined in on the effort to make payments easier for users and commuters. Spotserve is one such affiliate, offering Nol card recharge options online through their own unique, well-designed, multi-service platform.

Nol card recharge is made even easier by Spotserve. Anyone who uses the public transport system on a daily basis must keep their Nol card topped up all the time. Since the implementation of Nol card top up services, the RTA has made the life of millions of commuters and travelers across Dubai by providing a convenient means to use public transport. Nol cards offer a safe, secure, easy, and convenient way to pay for transport services. However, such convenience can easily go away when your credit goes empty. While the RTA has stationed many recharge machine locations in various places, nothing beats the ability to top up your card online.

SpotServe allows you to do Nol card recharge online in few easy steps. With Spotserve, you can instantly recharge your Nol card by accessing your account using the SpotServe app and selecting the appropriate options to facilitate the recharge. Payments for the recharge service can be made via your visa credit card or your preferred option. What’s even more convenient is that the SpotServe app can likewise facilitate balance check while you travel around Dubai. Should you encounter any issue with the online recharge service, it is easy to contact the app’s customer support service for assistance in topping app or any other concerns you may have regarding their online recharge service.

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