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With SpotServe, you belong in a world you can trust. We are one of the few facilitators of RTA, Etisalat, Du, Najm, Finance House, Emirates Islamic Bank, ISIC International Student Card and many more services. SpotServe is one of its kind customer-centric online platform that offers access to multiple marketed services with a single tap. Whether you want to make a credit card comparison and gain the resulting credit or want to access any of the Salik, nol or Etisalat services, SpotServe is the only digital spot where you can access all of them. SpotServe offers a range of non-discretionary mass-market services in UAE in a flawless and seamless way. Wherever you are in UAE, you can manage all of your billing payments through SpotServe just by downloading our application.

SpotServe not only offers billing and retail banking services but it also enables you to gain advance medical appointments, have medicines delivered to your doorstep and gain access to the best properties for sale or rent in the market. If you find it hard to get your nol card recharged on time, then you can easily do it through our nol card recharge online service on your mobile phone, anytime – anywhere. Apart from nol recharge online you can also gain access to Etisalat mobile recharge, Du mobile recharge, online mobile recharge, Salik recharge, and nol card balance check services through SpotServe. So if you feel worried about card recharge or making online bookings then SpotServe will prove to be your true friend.

Due to the hectic life and routine, most people don’t get the chance to get Salik recharge, top-up their nol card or get an Etisalat mobile recharge in a physical store.

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We are an affiliate-marketing platform where you will gain easy access to all sorts of vendors at one place. Want to continue your travel on the roads without getting fined at passing through Salik toll gates when your balance is low? Well, SpotServe is all loaded to provide you with Salik recharge within the comfort of your car. If at the same time, you want to have your Nol card recharged then you don’t need to go to the metro station or any Nol card reseller. Just log into SpotServe and within a matter of few seconds, you will have your nol card recharge online and Salik recharge.



Apart from offering nol recharge online and Salik recharge, we also offer various other online services on one platform. If you have a special knack for Dubai attractions or Abu Dhabi attractions and want to get tickets to any of your favourite places, then SportServe will help you do that without any hassle and at a special discounted rate. While you are visiting your top tourist attractions in Dubai, if you feel the need to get a mobile recharge then you gain easily gain access to a mobile top-up through Etisalat mobile recharge as well as Du mobile recharge.


SpotServe doesn’t offer you just Etisalat mobile recharge, Nol recharge online, Salik recharge or ticket booking services for Dubai attractions but it also offers you with different types of retail banking services at one spot. To make a credit card comparison or to apply for one, SpotServe is the most reliable spot for. With SpotServe, the opportunities are unlimited. Once you log into SpotServe and explore the various services you gain access to, you will never ever feel the need to visit any other portal again. SpotServe is the greatest service hub that has specifically been designed to take care of all of your requirements at one place! We aim to be the first 360-degree service provider in one mobile app in the UAE.