Nol Card Top Up

If you use public transport on your daily basis then you must have a nol card in your wallet. Since its origin, nol card has made life easier for millions of people traveling throughout Dubai on public transport. It is safe, secure and highly convenient. However, the convenience fades away once your Nol card balance goes empty. So, instead of finding the Nol card recharge machine locations near you, all you need to do is to access the SpotServe and have your Nol card recharged within a matter of few seconds.

Due to our recent association with Nol, we now offer you with the service to get  Nol card recharge online instantly or while standing at your spot. You do not need to find the Nol card recharge machine, or go to the metro, you don’t have to go to money exchange places or find any recharge shop. All you need to do is to access your account at the SpotServe application, select the appropriate options, make your payment through visa credit card and continue traveling. SpotServe not only helps you to recharge your Nol card on the spot but it also enables you to perform your Nol card balance check while traveling on the metro.

If you face any sort of issue while making the Nol card recharge then you can easily get the issue resolved by contacting our customer service support. If your debit card balance is also low and need to recharge by cash, then you can also find out the nearest Nol card recharge machine locations to you through SpotServe.