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Compare all available credit cards, loans and bank accounts in Dubai and UAE. Whether you’re looking for the lowest rate loan, best bank account or a card with Cashback / Airmiles / Balance transfer / or any other benefit, here at BankOnUs we offer an array of options. Call us today or compare online.

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You can bank on us to simplify your financial decisions

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We work with you to qualify and secure the best possible credit card for your needs.

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In a few simple steps you are minutes away from applying to a credit card online.

Easy & quick comparision

We provide a side-by-side comparison feature to help you choose the best credit cards for you.

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Want to know more about Credit cards?

We're here to help you find the perfect credit card for your needs. We'll work with you until we have found one that is just right, and then go through all of the steps necessary to get it approved so that there are no delays in getting what's best for you!.

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We are Always Available to Guide You!

If you still have questions in mind about credit cards, we are here for you! Call us and our expert advisors will be available to answer all your questions and help you choose the best credit card that fits your needs and help you reach your goals!

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You are one click away from driving your dream car!

Why should you get your car loan from BankOnUs?
When you buy a new car (brand new or pre-owned), you instantly improve your lifestyle. By using a car loan to cover the cost, it’s easy to get your hands on the keys.

Fast, Convenient and Hassle-free Auto Loan.

Reduction in monthly auto payments – Auto loan refinancing might lower your monthly car payment refinancing a car loan saving money as a result of lower interest rates, longer auto loan terms, or occasionally, even both!

Lower interest rates – qualifying for lower interest rates lower than your existing car loan, you might end up paying less in total interest. This is particularly true when the entire auto loan amount has been paid off!

Longer loan terms – With a lengthened auto loan term, there’s more time to pay off the loan amount along with smaller monthly payments. This auto refinance scenario might result in borrowers paying more for the car overall.

Shorter loan terms – Shorter terms may increase monthly payments. However, it can possibly reduce the amount of interest paid altogether. This, in turn, can prove to be beneficial when refinancing a car loan.

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Are you stressed due to expensive loan and credit card payments?

Consolidating your debt will help you save money.
if you’re overwhelmed with your total monthly payments on loans and credit cards, debt consolidation can provide you one or more following benefits:

Want to know more about Personal Loans?

Learn the difference between Flat Vs Reducing Interest Rates, what is Debt Burden Ratio (DBR)? How to keep a good credit score? Our guides will help refine your search and choose the best personal loan.

About Us

  • We are one of the leading direct sales agencies in the UAE for various Banking and Financial Institutions.
  • Since our inception in 2018, we have grown and added Emirates NBD Bank, Mashreq Bank and DEEM Finance to our repertoire.
  • With this team, we have thoroughly worked and executed on all major Banking and Finance products including Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Auto Loans, Merchant Loans (SME's) as well as Mortgage Loans in countries like India & Pakistan
  • Over 147 Million AED Loans (Personal, Auto & Merchant – SME’s disbursed since inception)
  • Over 11,729 credit cards sold since inception

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