Salik Recharge

A person feels extremely stressed if you are getting late from an important business meeting and you need to pass Salik and yourSalikcard is empty. In such a case, you have to face the fines imposed passing Salik tolls with no balance on your card. In addition, it could cost you the business deal of a lifetime. Thus,instead of letting your precious opportunitieswasted, it is best that you must keep your Salikcard recharged anytime, anywhere. SpotServe is the only digital market that provides you with instant opportunity to get a Salik recharge by mobile and continue with your fast and furious life routine.
Getting a Salik recharge through SpotServe has various benefits such as you will not have to waste your on hold on the landline phone, recharging will become more convenient and you won’t have to carry petty cash in your pocket. SpotServe not only provides you with Salik recharge but it will also provide you alerts regarding your remaining Salik card balance. Salik primarily introduced to make driving convenient in Dubai. Similarly, SpotServe app was born out of making life convenient for you around the clock. If you find out that, your Salikcard is out of balance but you still have to travel late night due to an emergency then SpotServe is the only application that could make things convenient and safe for you.